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On the morning of February 25, 2013, Andrew gave the eulogy at the reburial of an unknown New Zealand soldier who died during the Battle of Messines, in June 1917.

With Les McKendry at Beaulencourt Cemetery on the Somme. Our relatives, George Ogilvie and Jack Jacobs, were, respectively, sniper and observer with 1/Canterbury Regiment and both killed on the same day, 25 August 1918.
At Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen's crash site. Von Richthofen died on the Somme in April 1918, but found immortality as the Red Baron. I have long held an interest in WW1 aviation.
At Russell's Top on Gallipoli, and both wind swept and sunburned. I had hiked up to Chunuk Bair from Anzac Cove a short while before. I interviewed one soldier who fought on Russell's Top and was visiting the trenches where he was stationed.


Taking a break while walking over the NZ positions around Maleme on Crete. Here, I am at the positions held by 17 Platoon, 23rd NZ Battalion, on 20 May 1941.


Listening to my interviews with Gallipoli veterans who fought at Courtenay's Post, now the site of a war cemetery, and elsewhere on the heights above Anzac Cove. 


At the Sunken Lane, near Hawthorn Ridge on the Somme battlefield of 1 July 1916. This spot was filmed by Geoffrey Malins in his film of the offensive's first day.


The NZ Memorial at s'Graventafel in Belgium. The memorial sits at the top of an incline known as Abraham Heights in 1917, which was captured by NZ soldiers in October that year. Years ago, I interviewed two veterans who fought here.


At the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing on the Somme. I was here researching a book. The names on this memorial truly are legion.

In the former trenches of the Somme being filmed for a documentary about WW1 infantry tactics. You can visit these trenches at Newfoundland Memorial Park.


Visiting the grave of Pte Ned Rouse, a close friend of a WW1 soldier that I interviewed, Sgt George Skerrett. Ned is buried at The Nek Cemetery on Gallipoli, an area made famous by the Mel Gibson film Gallipoli.


At the NZ Memorial near Longueval, with Lara. My first book was titled On My Way to the Somme, which followed a visit to the battlefield. I interviewed a couple of soldiers who fought here in 1916.

At Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval. The grave once belonged to New Zealand's Unknown Warrior who was repatriated to Wellington in November 2004. My book, On My Way to the Somme, was partially written while I was with the contingent that brought the warrior home.